|switches|crl|rocker switch|encoder As a leading rotary switch manufacturer, Electroswitch Electronic
Products offers a complete, vertically integrated, manufacturing and
assembly facility dedicated to producing rotary switches. Factory
assembly cells enable faster throughput, shorter lead times, and
improved quality. Our plant features complete in-house machine tooling
equipment, including CNC screw machines, metal stamping and plastic

Electroswitch has introduced its "Smart lighted nameplate designed to
be used with a wide selection of Electroswitch switches and relays. The
nameplate incorporates up to three indicator LEDs and one output
contact into a traditional nameplate footprint. It provides a means to
easily monitor and display the status of multiple events and to trigger
annunciation or device activation within a system.

Efficient production processes, sales and service support, a commitment
to on-time delivery and lead times of just two days on standard rotary
switches and two weeks or less on non-standard rotary switches.

Lead-times on all miniature switches have already been reduced from six
weeks to 1 week for standard products and 3 weeks for our custom "J"
series. Electroswitch plans call for these lead-times to come down even

Electroswitch also offers the widest variety of switches and relays
available in the power industry today. There are virtually millions of
different potential configurations to precisely meet applications. We
offer a choice of manual, remotely operated or SCADA operated products,
snap and cam action switches, as well as system products to enhance
power industry automation projects.

Electroswitch also offers a wide variety of Detent-Action rotary
switches designed specifically to satisfy the most stringent
requirements in Industrial applications. In fact, we offer the world's
most complete, tested, and proven line of Detent-action rotary switches.

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