700 Series
700 Series photo
* Digital Codes Available:
Incremental: Quadrature
Absolute: Gray
* Up to 96 Pulses Per Revolution (PPR)
* Analog Resistive Output For Use As A Potentiometer
* 5K And 10K Resistive Element Standards
* High Temperature Materials Meet 85C Requirements
* Push-button Feature Allows Dual Function With Single Shaft Input

The Electroswitch 700 Series is the economical solution to virtually any digital encoder or potentiometer requirement. As the latest version in our new generation of rotary encoder products, the 700 Series has been freshly tooled to include resistive analog output for potentiometer applications, as well as the standard digital code for direct interface with a microprocessor. The .890" package enhances the original design concept, delivering high performance and quality levels in triple digit PPMs.

Electroswitch leads the market in rotational torque management for encoders. Our process includes digital maps to ensure repeatable and quantitative measurement.

Newly introduced in the 700 Series is an integrated push-button, which permits two functions in a single shaft. This feature provides system cost savings and a user-friendly interface for input selection. The push-button feature is offered in the same package size as the standard 700, with a complete interface for scrolling through a menu and making a selection.

The 700 Series features a wide range of standard configurations to fulfill most needs. As with standard product, customized versions for volume applications also benefit from Electroswitch's cost-effective, automated production processes to build in quality performance.