900 Series
900 Series Product Line
* Compact, Robust, Economical
* Up to 128 Pulses Per Revolution (PPR) in a 1" Square Sealed Package
* Bearing Model for High Operating Speeds
* New Low Profile Housing Style
* Two Channel Quadrature Output
* Pin or Cable Output

The 900 Series offers a full line of low cost, rugged optical encoders with incremental output. Well suited for industrial motion and position sensing, their low profile and high resolution also make them ideal for panel mounted applications. A two-channel quadrature code allows the encoder to detect the direction and magnitude of the input motion applied to its shaft.

Available in this family of encoders is a new low profile package with internal bearings and integrated mounting holes.

Up to 128 pulses per revolution (PPR) are available in a 1" square package. Working with standard decoding logic provided by the user's application software, the device produces 512 changes of state per revolution with full quadrature decoding. Output is completely compatible with TTL circuitry, permitting direct entry of digital data without the cost of A/D conversion. On-board Schmitt trigger circuitry produces crisp square wave output.

A sealed metal housing along with available die cast or stainless steel shaft ensure strength and accuracy in harsh environments. The semiconductor-based LED optical technology provides longer life and higher reliability than mechanical encoders or switches. Small in size, the encoder adapts well to new or retrofit applications. Output terminations available to match industry standard 4 or 5 pin configurations. This encoder may be directly coupled to a motor, gear, or axle. The threaded bushing allows easy system integration for these as well as panel mounted applications.