Open Frame series  
Open Frame switches photo

As the leading manufacturer of Open Frame Switches, Electroswitch is well known throughout the electronics industry. These versatile switches incorporate their patented double wiping contacts which are self-cleaning and require no maintenance during life under normal operating conditions. The self-cleaning action assures a clean, positive contact capable of wiping through accumulated particles or dust, oxides, and other contaminants.

Both unidex and ball bearing indexing are available. Unidex, a major improvement in indexing switches, is a dual ball detent indexing on a starwheel. This detent offers 100,000 cycles of mechanical life, with the torque remaining constant and crisp throughout the life of the switch.

Ball bearing indexing is offered in single, dual, or tri-ball indexing over a hill and valley or punched hole plate. This index is common to Electroswitch's Type L and Type MF switches.

Electroswitch's Open Frame Switches have been used successfully for decades in the aerospace industry, test and measurement equipment, and demanding military applications.

General Specifications
Stop Strength
   One fixed stop, 15 inch-pounds; one adjustable stop, 10 inch-pounds
   10,000 cycles minimum. Room temperature, rated load
Ambient Temperature
   -65C to +85C
   Includes .375" -32 mounting nut, lockwasher, and adjustable stopwasher
   Suitable to withstand 50 hour salt spray per MIL-S-3786
Note: Mechanical and electrical specifications through rated life after break-in.

Feature Summary
Series A F/FC JC K L MF
Strut Size .812 1.032 1.250 1.250 2.000 2.000
Envelope Size 1.180 1.312 1.531 1.531 2.312 2.312
Maximum Positions 12 12 12 12 18 24
MIL-S-3786 Style SR05 SR03 SR02 SR02 SR10 SR09
Index Mechanism Unidex H+V H+V H+V H+V H+V
Insulation Material Diallyl Phenolic/
Ceramic Phenolic Phenolic Phenolic
Electrical Carrying
@ 28VDC
.5 amp 1 amp 1 amp 1 amp 1 amp 1 amp