T05 Series

Electrical Characteristics
Voltage 10 mA @ 1 VDC (resistive load) 500 mA @ 125 VAC (resistive load)
Contact Resistance 100 milliohms max. after life, (50 milliohms initial) Break Before Make (non-shorting) Contacts
Insulation Resistance 10,000 megohms min. (50,000 megohms min. initial @100 Volts)
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage 500 VAC min.
Life Expectancy 2500 Cycles
Current Carrying Capacity .5 amps
Mechanical Characteristics
Rotational Torque 2 to 4 inch-ounces initial room ambient
Detent Angles 45
Stops Fixed, from 2 to 8 positions as required
Terminals See mechanical drawing for contact arrangement
Switch Base/Index Polyester, glass filled
Shaft Acetal, homopolymer
Detent Balls Steel, Nickel Plated
Rotor Contact Brass, hard Gold Plate over Nickel Plate
Common Ring Phosphor Bronze, hard Gold Plate over Nickel Plate
Terminals Copper Alloy, hard Gold Plate over Nickel Plate
Shaft and Panel Seal Ethylene Propylene
Screwdriver or Knob Actuated
2 to 8 Positions or Continuous
Off Position at 1 or 8