MM P/Rel Rotary Switches
MM P/Rel Series
The MM P/Rel Series represents the best in contemporary rotary technology, and reflects the high standards of reliability which have made Electroswitch rotary devices known worldwide. At only.865" square, these compact switches have up to 36 positions and adapt to numerous design requirements. Strong, electron-welded PC terminations permit easy insertion into printed circuit boards.

Stainless steel detents provide long term performance and increased stop strength. Durable construction and an enclosed, high-temperature-resistant design make the MM P/Rel Series ideal for wave solder applications. Contacts are insert molded in place for lifetime registration and switching accuracy.

Precious metal contacts ensure a long service life of over 50,000 cycles. Available options include concentric shafts and metric shafts and bushings. Highly versatile and economically customized, the MM P/Rel Series is the cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications.


Defibrillators Voltage control

Oscilloscopes Scale input control

Avionics Radio channel select, Auto pilot select

GPS (Global Position System) Co-ordinates input

Commercial & Military Radio Channel select

Voltage Regulators Limit set device

Agricultural Combine platform height select

Postage Meter Selectors input

X Ray Intensity input