MM P/Rel Series

 Electrical/Mechanical Characteristics

Current Carrying Capacity Resistive load
250 MA at 28 VDC
Shock Humidity MIL-STD 202E
Code Program Shorting or non shorting (non-shorting versions, up to 16 positions only)
Dielectric Strength From pole to shaft 1,000 volts minimum
Contact Resistance 75 milliohms maximum, over lifetime
Contacts Phosphor-bronze with silver inlay at interface with program disc. Gold inlays available upon request. External terminals are solder (60-40) plated except on die cut edges.
Codes Hexadecimal, B.C.D., Gray and others on special order
Switching Loads 1.5 MA at 115 VAC
150 MA at 14 VDC
Operating Forces (torque over detents): 7 to 20 in./oz. 25%
Life 50,000 minimum cycles at rated load
Stop Strength 15 in./lb. minimum
Operating Temperature Range -55C to +85C (105C optional)
Sealing Terminals are insert molded into housing. Front and rear molded sections of module are interlock construction. Ideally suited for wave soldering.
Shafts and Hardware Shafts and hardware are steel, cadmium plated and chromate treated. Detent parts, including stops, are stainless steel.
Anti-Rotation Device Flatted mounting bushing .375" dia x .320", double "D"
Concentric Shafts Available
Detent Angles 90, 60, 45, 36, 30, 22.5, 20, 18, 15, 12.8, 11.25, 10
Molded Construction Molded parts are Ryton R4 and Polyester PBT, chosen for heat resistance and electrical characteristics. Rated 94 V-0 or better.
Disc Construction Program disc is glass epoxy, copper clad with silver plating standard. Gold upon request.