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7000&7100 Pushbutton Switches Single Pole

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Ratings Circuit Action Catalog Number
Type of Termination
.187 Q.C. Screw .250 O.C. Solder Lug
7100 Series Pushbutton


SPST Push On Push Off 7104A 7104B 7104C 7104D
SPST OFF ( ON ) 7174A 7174B 7174C 7174D
SPST ON ( OFF ) 7184A 7184B 7184C 7184D
SPDT Push ON Push ON 7103A 7103B 7103C 7103D
SPDT ON ( ON ) 7173A 7173B 7173C 7173D
7000 Series Pushbutton


SPST Push On Push Off 7004A 7004B 7004C 7004D
SPST OFF ( ON ) 7074A 7074B 7074C 7074D
SPST ON ( OFF ) 7084A 7084B 7084C 7084D
SPDT Push ON Push ON 7003A 7003B 7003C 71003D
SPDT ON ( ON ) 7073A 7073B 7073C 7073D
Note:  (   ) Denotes momentary.

Note:  Specify Metal or Nylon Actuator. To obtain Metal Low Profile Actuation Add L.P. to P/N.




Agency Listings
CSA Certified
Contact Mechanism
Slow Make / Slow Break Butt Contact
Contact Material
7100 Series:
Stationary: Copper Alloy/Silver Plated
Movable: Copper Alloy
7000 Series:
Stationary (Center): Copper Alloy/Silver Plated
Stationary (End): Silver Cadmium Oxide Composite
Movable: Silver Cadmium Oxide Composite
Dielectric Strength
1000 Volts RMS Minimum
Mounting Means
15/32" Diameter Threaded Bushing
Keyway .080-.083 Wide X .037-.038 Deep
Standard Hardware Supplied:
One Hex Nut Assembled and
One Hex Nut Unassembled