Electroswitch Switches for Guitars

Not only are Electroswitch’s lever action switches widely used in the Electric Guitar Market, but we also provide toggle and slide switches. Our Lever Switches offer up to 4 poles and up to 6 positions in the CRL and Oak families. Options also include various lever lengths and PC terminals. Our toggles provide a compact design requiring less space than old style toggles.

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CRL Blade Switches

Part NumberPositionsPolesDetent AngleLever LengthTerminal Type
E2G0203S3230°.641"Solder Lug
E2G0205S-155215°.641"Solder Lug

OakGrigsby Blade Switches

519923230°.625"Solder Lug
520293230°.625"PC Terminals
519293430°.750" (Straight)Solder Lug
519734222.5°.625"Solder Lug
520314222.5°.625"PC Terminals
519935215°.625"Solder Lug
520245215°.625"PC Terminals
517205215°.625"Solder Lug
520305215°.625"PC Terminals
519705415°.625"Solder Lug
ISQ30927-15415°.625"PC Terminals
519885415°.750"Solder Lug
520185415°.750"Solder Lug
520365415°.875"Solder Lug
518215415°.875" (Straight)Solder Lug
520526215°.750"Solder Lug

Toggle Switches

Part NumberPositionsPolesActionBat StyleTerminal Type
JT-202031on-on-onThreadedSolder Lug
A123S1YZQ21on-on.410" ChromeSolder Lug
A121S1YZQ31on-off-on.410" ChromeSolder Lug

CW Slide Switches

Part NumberPositionsPolesActuator ColorMountingTerminal Type
G-328S-005X32BlackPanelSolder Lug
G-328S-005X32WhitePanelSolder Lug
G-328S-005X32RedPanelSolder Lug
GF-326-028X22BlackPanelSolder Lug
GF-326-028X22WhitePanelSolder Lug
GF-326-028X22RedPanelSolder Lug